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Sunday, 21-May-2006 01:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Fun At The Dog Park

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We took the dogs to a dog park where it is open to a lake. It was a ton of fun ... and messy . Sadie ate a fish and Jack went into the water without us having to drag him in.

Thursday, 27-Apr-2006 05:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Birthday Celebration

Well as some of you know, my birthday was monday and it was the best birthday ever!! Chris, my wonderful fiance , had a trip planned and was tryin to make it a surprise for me. He did really good until the nite before we left I was lookin up a DMV to get my license renewed and in the Yahoo search bar for the area it said Cleveland.. so that kinda gave it away. I was really excited though because I have never been to Cleveland before so I didnt really care that it wasnt a surprise.

Monday mornin we woke up and got my license done and then he took me to my first surprise.. to see Hoodwinked.. I have wanted to see that movie since I saw the previews for it so I was really excited. It was soo funny! I totally recommend it!

After the movie we stopped back by the house and said goodbye to the doggies and left for Cleveland. It was such a long drive!! After an hour I was ready to either get out of the car or kill Chris.. but we eventually made it through it.

When we got to Cleveland we stopped by the hotel and then we went downtown to see the sights. I think we walked around the city for at least 2 hours. I got to see the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Lake Erie, Indian's stadium, Browns stadium, Cavaliers stadium, and a couple of really neat park areas.

After we spent forever walkin around we went to eat. He took me to Outback (my first time there) and I got to order my first alcoholic drink which was somethin with strawberry and kiwi and was some icy thing. It was really good and I got kinda tipsy but I didnt want to get drunk because on the way to the restaurant Chris's sister called and ended up spillin the beans that we were going to the zoo tuesday. He gave me my birthday present while we were waitin for our food and it was Kelly Clarkson tickets! I love her soo much so I was really exicited so now I cant wait until July 19 for the concert!!

On tuesday we finally made it to the zoo. It was soo cool! I love going to zoos to begin with but the Cleveland Zoo was really neat because you get to get really close to animals. Most of the animals were out so we got to see a lot of them. We had a leopard kinda growl at us and we saw some rhinos fight and lots of wolfs. We saw this one bird that when we walked over to the exhibit he came runnin to us and was tryin to figure out a way to get across the wall area but he couldnt then he kept givin me this look like "Why dont you come over here?!" . We also got to see some seals and one of them kept barkin at us and was really funny and noisy. We saw an elephant kinda dance and a monkey that hit on Chris when he put his head against the glass. We also saw a grizzly bear that was really moody. We stood there for a while tryin to get him to do somethin but he wouldnt even look at us so we acted like we were walkin away and then he got up and kinda paraded around with this look on his face like he was sayin "Ok here you go.. Im paradin around.. walkin there and back and there again and now Im done" and he layed back down again.

The Rainforest area of the zoo was really neat. It was really humid in there but they had a lot of cool animals and pretty plants. There were these porcupines that would go crazy when they heard the fake thunder for the rainstorm and then they would start fighting and the male would try to mount the female but she wouldnt let him. We also saw 5 otters that came over and stood on their hinds and looked at us which I wish I would have gotten a pic of.

The whole birthday celebration was soo much fun. All my past birthdays have sucked so Chris did a really good job at makin this one make up for all the other ones and for makin this a memorable one. He's such a sweetie and I love him soo much for makin my birthday so wonderful.


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